At Whitney’s Karate America in Green Bay, WI, we offer an extensive kickboxing program if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to burn some calories, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and more!

Kickboxing is not only stress relieving. It will help you learn self-defense techniques and improve upon your physical health at the same time!


All Levels Welcome

Whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level, we welcome you to try out our kickboxing class. We approach kickboxing with fitness in mind as well as with traditional martial arts techniques.


Improve Your Health

By participating in our kick boxing program, you’ll be able to target specific fitness goals including fat burning, increasing your strength, and toning your body while burning calories away!


Character Development

Along with our exceptional kickboxing program, we offer character building exercises to strengthen your mental core. For a full list of classes or more information, get in touch with our team, contact us here.


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Our mission is to mold students into Black Belts: high achieving martial artists, skilled leaders and contributing citizens exhibiting exceptional character development.