Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu and Kyusho-Jitsu

At Whitney’s Karate America in Green Bay, WI, we teach realistic defense methods using Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu and Kyusho-Jitsu. Our instructors will teach you how to protect and defend yourself using pressure point attacks, strikes to the vitals, and manipulation of the hands and fingers.


Mental & Physical Fortitude

Apart from our Small Circle and Kyusho-Jitsu program, we provide tips to keep your body and mind strong. Through Self-Discipline and Focus you will unlock your innate ability to strike harder and think faster.


Building Strong Character

At our facility, you’ll learn superior Character Development skills regardless of your age or skill level. Our training will teach you Responsibility, Confidence, maintaining a Positive Attitude, and much more!


Something for Everyone

Whether you’re just learning, have taken martial arts classes in the past, or have a preschool age child, we’ll provide a safe environment for you to develop your skills.


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Our mission is to mold students into Black Belts: high achieving martial artists, skilled leaders and contributing citizens exhibiting exceptional character development.