Character Development

At Whitney’s Karate America, we strive to be more than just a martial arts school.  We are always looking for ways to enhance children’s learning experiences socially, cognitively as well as physically.  That is why we are proud to have designed our own comprehensive character development program.

Our curriculum provides support and ongoing lessons to our families.  The character development lessons and activities give each student the strength to explore and the foundation to succeed. Whitney’s Karate America’s character education program is used within the context of our organized martial arts lessons.  We invite students to listen, share, discover and reflect on ways to become upstanding members in our community as well as confident individuals in their own right.



An integral part of character development is having confidence and being able to lead. Our instructors focus on teaching these important traits side by side with our various martial arts classes.


Karate Classes

Along with working on character development for all ages, we also offer karate classes that aim to teach striking arts, open hand techniques and much more. LEARN MORE


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Our mission is to mold students into Black Belts: high achieving martial artists, skilled leaders and contributing citizens exhibiting exceptional character development.